Beth Cohen

“…based upon your thorough examination of my client, you were able to prepare a detailed medical care plan which described all of the medical care and treatment that my client would require for the remainder of his life. Because my client was relatively young, and his injuries were permanent in nature, your expert medical report and care plan were essential to the jury’s understanding of the full nature and extent of my client’s condition.

The fact that you were able to testify at trial to that plan in a clear and convincing manner was essential to the success of our damage claims, and, in our view, was responsible for convincing the defendants to resolve our claims.”

Attorney Joseph P. Lenahan
Lenahan & Dempsey, P.C.

“I am impressed by Dr. Cohen’s thoroughness in her examinations and her ability to explain complex medical terms in a way a lay person can easily understand. I have also found Dr. Cohen was well received by both Common Pleas Court Judges as well as Administrative Judges in that the general perception of her is that she is fair.”

Attorney Cal Leventhal
DLP Law Firm