Beth Cohen

Dr. Cohen currently devotes approximately 15% of her practice to a variety of projects for the legal community. As part of her work in the field, she offers the following services:

Neurological Assessment

Including, but not limited to a full assessment of the physical condition of the patient. This includes a complete review of the patientís medical history, prescriptions and chart analysis to prepare reports that may be needed by the legal team.

Patient Evaluation

Including but not limited to a through physical and Neurological examination and taking a complete medical history. Any deviation from baseline information previously noted during past medical examinations are noted and explored.

Expert Testimony

Work in this area includes preparation of trial testimony to thoroughly detail a patientís physical condition and evaluation of the role of any accident or disease that may impair the patient.

Life Care Planning

Including, but not limited to preparation of a detailed medical needs plan a patient will require following a serious accident, injury or illness. This plan carefully reviews all of the patientís current medical needs and then forecasts possible future long term medical needs